Hytera PD372 | PD375 Software and Firmware download

Just purchased a Hytera PD-370 Chinese (Model of the PD-372) and was looking to find the latest Software and Firmware, since its not available to me in NorthAmerica - United States.

Is this available anywhere to download?

Is it possible to turn this PD-370 into a PD-372 so I can uses the latest NA2 Firmware and Software?

VE3WZW Hytera DMR TD372 handheld
Hytera PD370 | PD372 | PD375 handheld

Hytera PD36x | PD37x frequency change 400Mhz to 471Mhz

Hytera PD36x | TD37x  frequency change 400Mhz to 471Mhz

Allow V1.04.04.012 to write from 400Mhz to 471Mhz Frequency.

- Make a backup existing Model.dat - rename "Model.dat.old"
- copy to the folder of Model.dat and replace existing Model.dat

Hytera PD-36x | TD-37x English Menu Sub

Hytera PD-36x | TD-37x menu language change
English Menu Sub

V1.04.04.012 English Menu Sub

- Make a backup existing MenuCustomChs.dat - rename "MenuCustomChs.dat.old"
- copy to the folder of MenuCustomChs.dat and replace existing MenuCustomChs.dat